Church Fair 2023

Who We Are

The Tamil Christian Church of Canada (TCCC), is a community based Wesleyan Methodist church located in Toronto, Canada. We are a Canadian Christian registered charity (incorporated in 1986) with two campuses in Markham and Whitby. Our 250+ active member families consist mostly of first or second generation Canadians of South Asian background (mainly Sri Lanka and India).

Our Senior Pastor is Rev. Dr. Albert Jebanesan and Youth Pastor is Joshua Stephens. They are both supported by our Joint Board & Council that consists of lay leaders and the prayers of our entire Church family.


Our Purpose

Our vision is Towards a Christ Centered Community and mission is to empower all generations to pursue a life long relationship with Jesus Christ, and through our witness make disciples and serve those in need in our community. In our quest to serve those in need, we have partnered with a diverse set of organizations over many years. For this year’s fundraiser, our partnership is with YGRO. YGRO has existed since 1975 and focuses on Relief Rehabilitation, Development and Holistic empowerment of the poor in Sri Lanka.


Project Objective

The primary objective of our Church Fair is to raise funds for the “Helping Hands” project with YGRO. This is for Phase 2 and 3 of the YGRO Dairy Development Program in Mannar, Sri Lanka. One of the many unfortunate outcomes of wat ravaged towns are the challenges for family members of broken homes to rebuild their lives. Rather than providing “free cash” without any accountability or engagement of the recipients, the Dairy Development Program focuses on empowering families to earn a sustainable monthly income to be self sufficient in the long-term. TCCC’s and YGRO’s philosophy in dairy development has been to work with dairy farmers at a micro level. This goes well beyond just providing farmers with tangible grants to develop farms. Farmer empowerment through training, awareness and exposure has been a significant feature in the dairy development strategy. The foundation has been laid through the success of Phase 1 and we are committed to continued these efforts through the next two phases.


What We Have Done

Over the years, we have been fortunate to support humanitarian and project needs locally and internationally, through Local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) where help was a desperate necessity.

 International Aid / Support (few highlights partnering with local NGOs):

 Tsunami Relief: $60,000

  • International Displaced People / Refugees: $12,000
  • Hope4Child Mission Relief: $20,000 (supporting 18 kids in Sri Lanka)
  • Methodist Church: $7,000 (income generating program)
  • Shalom Project: $62,000 (Empowering War Widows and their Kids, Sri Lanka)
  • Church Building in India: $24,000 (through Vishwa Vani in India)
  • Missionary Support: $2,500 per year (through Vishwa Vani in India)
  • YGRO: $12,000 (Phase 1 – Dairy Development Program)

We have also provided financial support through the Canadian Red Cross and World Vision Canada for victims of natural disasters in many countries.

Our governance model does not consist merely of disbursement of mission funds. We are dedicated to have a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) that is signed by both parties with a commitment of periodic updates from NGOs and engagement with their mission team to demonstrate the true essence of partnership.

These projects have only been possible through the sacrificial support of our members and you, our local community. Canadian local businesses and well-wishers – like you, came forward to partner with in these efforts. We appreciate your support and sincerely hope that you will continue to do so in the years ahead.

 Our Sponsors 


Massey Subra
Tidol Corporation
(416) 293-2244


Thana Yoganathan
(416) 418-5749


Prishanthy Paramsothy
Nithianandan Paul Dharshan
Prisha Law
(647) 478-0144


Vishnu Raveendran
Mortges Inc
(647 985-9320


HomeLife/Champions Realty Inc.
(647) 866-9464


Nilax Optical
Latha Sri
(416) 298-2111


Law office of
Canageswary Rajasingam
(416) 754-0002


Poorany and Desmond Sornabala
Pace Law
(647) 968-7059


Terrance Rajah
Remax Community
(647) 528-4111


Ramachandran Law
Professional Corporation
(416) 902-8225


Utayan Ponnuthurai
Broker of Record
(416) 505-2120


Arukshan Vijayakumar
(416) 312-5083


 Dr. K. Arulmoli and Family
Orange County


Real Estate Investment Firm
Pri @ (647) 468-0533
Dusan @ (647) 280-6666


Carol Chen
(416) 889-2316


Christopher M.Dhanaraj
Mega Financial Group
(647) 633-1356


Scarborough Convention Center