Under the Direction of the Pastor, the Coordinator of Outreach Ministries mobilizes a team to be active in the area of Outreach.

The church has been providing community tutoring lessons in English, French and Maths to students from Grade 2 – 8, with volunteer teaches consisting of our church members. A weekly sports night is also held for teens in the community. Our goal is that through this fellowship, we will be able to demonstrate the love of God to the community.

The church also gets involved in various other community related events on a periodic basis.

Youth Ministry

This is a vibrant ministry that focuses on preparing our young minds to think deeper about their commitment to Christ and provide faith based knowledge and support to deal with issues, challenges faced by them.  The teaching is done through structured elective theme based interactive bible studies aided by audio/video and real life experiences. In addition, the ministry holds joint events with Young Adult ministry and actively participates in corporate events of the church.

Children's Ministry

Our ministry's focus is to educate our children in Christian faith and provide them with the tools and support to grow and mature spiritually and become witnesses to Christ. We have customized programs for children of Age 1 through 12, focused on helping them understand the fundamentals of Christian faith and God's love through structured lessons, music, drama and children led worship activities. In addition, they take active part in corporate worship during special services/events and helping the needy through projects such as Operation Christmas Child. This is a very active and growing ministry of our church and expects great things to happen in future.

Young Adult’s Ministry

This is a fairly new group formed to support new grads stepping into the professional world and the young professionals starting out to help them live out their faith everyday. In addition to being part of the weekly bible study group of the church, they organize one day retreats to study and discuss serious issues facing Christians today. The friendship and fellowship among the group has grown over the years. They also try to focus on project based activities that vary from organizing carwash fund-raisers to distributing food amongst the homeless in our community.

Family Ministries

Under the direction and guidance of the Pastor these ministries provide a close fellowship among men and women as separate groups for Christian witness and studies. These ministries play active roles in the Mother's Day and Father's day celebrations at the church and also at the annual Harvest Festival that is held in July every year. These ministries have involved themselves in visiting the sick at home and hospitals to pray and support them at their time of need. They also organize cultural shows and invite the community at large to attend.